Wednesday, 13 June 2012

More Patterns

Wow Kittie. 
This is a very complicated pattern. 
Well done!
Three patterns.

Great work,
This pattern looks like
a lot of exclamation marks.

Two repeating designs.

This could be tricky to copy!

Some nice symmetry happening here.

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  1. Hello Miss Douglas and Room 7! I hope you are all having fun at school and looking forward to your holidays in 1 week! You are doing some very impressive work, your maths patterns are really good. You are all working very hard and learning lots! I loved your snow pictures. You had so much fun playing, we had snow in Christchurch but not as much as Twizel. I wish I had been there to play in the snow as well. You have lots of new students in your class which is very exciting! I hope you are all enjoying being in Room 7. Some of you must be going to move to the next class next term, that is very exciting and you will have so much fun learning new things in there!
    Have a great week Rom 7, keep in touch!
    From Miss Dockerty