Monday, 24 September 2012

'Junk' Construction

Room 7 had a lot of fun constructing things 
made out of objects from the recycle box.
Max made a rocket sword in a scabbard.
It can go through the ground and spear eels for his tea.
(It's on the widowsill on the right, and it's made out of shiny cellophane.)
Matthew made a long train,
Kittie made a mouse house and 
made a cage for his Lego men.

Luke made an Ironman,
O'Hara made a mouse house,
Jasper made a battle station and 
Jessie made a very big bird.
Maybe it is an albatross.
Gracie made a car and Ariana and Bonnie made birds.
Ralph made a house.
Aryan made a train and
Danielle drew a person walking to the park.
Ashlin made a parrot with a beautiful tail and she took it home.
She coloured bubble wrap with vivid markers to make the
parrots tail.

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