Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Making Bread and The Little Red Hen

As part of our study of Fungi, 
we have been studying yeast with Ms McNeill.
Today we used yeast to bake bread.
We borrowed Sarah's breadmaker.
First we got the ingredients and made a bread dough.
We put it in the breadmaker.
What next?

"The bread looked floury.
Then the bread looked gooey.
Then it looked like a white ball.
Then it grew into a BIG loaf of bread.
Thank you, yeast!"

Then we read a large shared book called,
"The Little Red Hen."

It is about a hen who grows some wheat, harvests the wheat,
and makes some bread.

It is a traditional story.

The following Little Red Hen stories
were found on Youtube.

Some stories have a dog, a cat and a rat.
Some stories have a dog, a cat and a goose.

(Fungi contain no chlorophyll. They are simple plants that include the yeast, molds, rusts, smuts, and mushrooms.)

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