Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pancakes, Pancakes

Ms McNeill read us a book about pancakes, so we made pancakes and tried to flip them. (We didn't eat the two that we worked with, because they ended up on the floor a lot of times! 

We poured the batter into the pan.
The pancake sizzled and cooked.
It smells beautiful.
Toss it and catch it Rosie.

The pancake goes up high.
Rosie caught it again.
"Making pancakes is fun."
Eating them is fun, too."
"I've got it"
said O'Hara.
"Missed this time,"
said Rosie

Why did we make pancakes?
We have been studying milk, and you can use milk to make pancakes.
We also used milk to make yoghurt.
Most of us liked it.
It wasn't as sweet as the yoghurt we buy at the shop.

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