Sunday, 1 July 2012


On Thursday we had an end of term party.
We invited Sarah and thanked her for working with us.
We farewelled Ms McNeill and gave her 'Thank You' cards as she won't be working in Room 7 next term.

We farewelled Rosie, Jack and Joshua, as they have graduated from Room 7 and will move to Room 9 after the holidays.

 Mrs Powell showed us the safe way to up cut apples, 

kiwi fruit and bananas. 
We separated mandarin segments, pulled grapes off their stalks and made fruit kebabs.

At our party we ate our Matariki biscuits.

Our biscuits can go on kebab sticks!
"I love these kebabs!"
said Jack.
We also added little marshmallows to the kebabs. 
We were allowed two marshmallows on each kebab.

We experimented.
We added Cheerios to our kebabs.

Cheerios AND marshmallows?

Yes. Tomato sauce on top.

"This looks tasty, too,"
said Joshua.
"This looks tasty,"
said Rosie.
"Just fruit and marshmallows for me,"
said Danielle.
"That looks funny, Jasper,"
said Chai.
"I might try that,"
said Ariana.

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