Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Our Computer Is Not Going!

Our computer wouldn't start up.
We tried everything, but the screen stayed black.
We called Maria.
We drew pictures and dictated stories about the problem.
Please go, computer.
Max wanted a red battery.
Thank goodness Maria had a flashlight.

Maria likes flowers.
Aha! So that's how the battery comes off.
Oh no!
There are a lot of data projectors to turn on.
What a nightmare.
"Where did all of those prickles come from?"
said Miss Douglas.
"How did they get on the ceiling?"
Mr Allerston got the computer to go.
Thank you Mr Allerston.
Nexis likes computers.
Some children chose to write about something else.
Luke wrote about a new type of cat that is yellow
with only one green stripe.
Maybe one day.....

Nexis wrote about Batman.
Potatoes in cages in jail.
Two enormous potatoes, and one little one.
Jessie said her tiger wasn't the tiger trying to eat potatoes.
This is a lovely design, Danielle.

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