Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I was very sad to read of the death of one of my favourite authors
Margaret Mahy.
She wrote many wonderful stories for children.
Her first book, 
"A Lion in the Meadow"
was published in 1969.
This was the first book I ever bought 
to use at school.

Early '70's, long out of print. I'm told the originals of the unique gently mind-swirly illustrations are lost so it can never be brought back to life yet the story text is simple while the pictures are the child's life view. The 4 yr old's fantasy world and his mother's real world one, meet and mix seamlessly, beautifully, joyfully giving the message: it's fine and fun to create/believe. The ending - "the mother never made up a story again" as the lion reads an alphabet book open at L, at the feet of the boy and mother - it is the simplest and most satisfying ending, multi-level, of any story, ever, anywhere.

(I love the above reviewt about this book and hope you don't mind me including it, because it is so appropriate.)

The cover design and illustrations changed.
This version was published in 1986.
Jenny Williams illustrated both.

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