Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hoar Frost Day 2

The Hoar frost lasted all day yesterday and looked even better this morning. (Minus 8 degrees.)
It lasted until just after two o'clock. 
Then the fog rolled away, the ice particles dropped,
tinkling and pinging onto the ground,
and just like that,
it was over.

Twizel Area School

Clothes peg on the line.
Entrance to Twizel

I wonder,
"Is this what Narnia is like?"

If the hoar frost lasts,
the frost completely covers the diamonds.

Ice Curtains

This reminds me of a ballerina's tutu.
The long grasses under the tree
have seized onto the frost.
Twin Lakes
Loch Cameron.
Thick enough ice to skate on?
Lake Ruataniwha

The sun beamed onto this tree.
Lake Ruataniwha

Two sides of two trees.
The green sides.
The white sides.

A galaxy of starry looking trees.
The fog lifting.
The frost all dropped onto the ground.
The sky was blue.
The fog silently and coldly slithered back,
Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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